Dinky Dinosaurs is a fun and interactive programme designed to introduce children from 18 months up to 5 years into physical activities. Your Dinky Dinosaurs will focus on their key developmental markers through a series of multi-skill and swimming sessions. Using techniques from various sporting activities, such as football, netball, gymnastics and swimming, each dino will learn basic skills that will give them the confidence and ability to move into their future sport of choice.

We encourage parents to join in with all activities, making this the perfect time to bond with your child. This also gives you the ideal opportunity to see how your dino progresses. Learning through play keeps little ones engaged whilst teaching them valuable skills that can be used later on in life.

To encourage physical activity, the programme also includes a soft-play session every Saturday morning, and a floats session in the pool every Sunday morning. These are the perfect way to stay active and to see your fellow dinosaurs.


These sessions work on essential skills from different areas of sport. Having a different focus each week means they are perfect for individual development.

Soft Play

Dinky Dinosaurs Soft Play sessions are in the sports hall every Saturday at 10am for 90 minutes. This includes soft play toys and equipment, with indoor inflatables. Free play with no objectives, just fun with Dino friends.

Mini Inflatables

These sessions are for ages 18 months to 5 years every Sunday at 10am. An hour long session with pool inflatables and floats, focusing on creating a fun outlook on swimming. A great way to keep your Dino swimming so their move up to swim school is effortless.


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