Group Exercise Studio Tring Sports Centre

We have a number of changes taking place in January, which members and regular users will want to be aware of:

Price Increases

A number of price changes will be kicking in at the start of the new year, reflecting increased costs and the upgraded facilities. As always, we look to take into account other options available to customers and to ensure we continue to offer great value for money. All the details are available at reception. Regular visitors will get best value by taking out one of our three core memberships.

Timetable Changes from January 1

Due to landscaping work, the early morning lane swims will finish at 08.00 instead of 08.30 We would kindly ask that users be away from the school site by 08.15.  Hours will be adjusted again as soon as the landscaping work is completed.

New Parking Layout

Parking will remain challenging until the landscaping is completed and will be available at the front of the centre only.

Access to Astro and Hardcourts

From January this will no longer be down the right hand side of the school, but via reception in the new building.

Thank you for your understanding during this transition phase – we’re confident that everything will settle down quickly and you’ll be impressed with the new facilities.