We’re delighted to confirm two new classes starting week commencing November 14th

Morning Circuits – Mondays at 6.30am for 1 hour

For those early risers this is the class for you! Start your day the right way with an all over body workout. Morning circuits will help improve your flexibility, core balance, muscle strength and provide a cardio boost.

Moving from station to station you will complete a range of exercises targeting different muscle groups for a certain length of time or reps. Exercises will involve using a range of equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, steps, ropes and body weight.

To keep things interesting you can expect a different circuit each week. This session is fun, team based and you can choose how hard you work as low impact options are available.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – Wednesdays at 6.30am for a half hour

HIIT is perfect for those short on time and who want to get active!  Each session lasts for max 20-25 minutes, not including your warm up and down.

HIIT involves a range of high intensity body weight exercises to significantly raise the heart rate for 20-30 second intervals with rest time in between. Lower impact options are available and you can choose the intensity to suit you.

HIIT can burn a lot of calories and increase your metabolic rate even after you’ve finished exercising. The class can also help with weight loss and can improve muscle and oxygen consumption.It is quick paced, vigorous and different each session!

Introducing your Instructor – Sarah Yarrow

As a fitness instructor,  I am enthusiastic, motivated, and committed to helping you love exercise whilst getting healthier and fitter.

I’m passionate about the benefits of exercise. Exercising improves your health, wellbeing, self-esteem, mental health, provides a sense of achievement and makes you feel good about yourself!

I am also aware as we get older why exercise is still so important to maintain strong muscles and bones.  It’s so important to take good care of yourself and stay active. Remember, you’re the only YOU you’ve got!

I’m excited to be able to support you on your health and fitness journey at Tring Sports Centre and hope to see you soon.